Is it still called a “sale” when everything’s free?

sff august promo

Moonborn is part of a giant science fiction and fantasy sale running this weekend. There are over 120 books taking part, and all of them are completely free. You can’t ask for a better deal than that!

Why not go crazy and load up your kindle? Find the details of all the books included here.

Werewolves, fairies, and school holidays, oh my!

Just dropping in quickly to say hi! And also, thank God the school holidays are nearly over. I really must stop scheduling writing work for myself during the holidays. I always think I’m going to get lots done, and then get frustrated (not to mention behind schedule) when it all falls in the inevitable heap. I love my kids and I like spending time with them, but after two weeks I’m ready to get back into routine.

Lots to do! I’m revising Book 1 of a new series, and drafting Book 2 at the same time, but my muse is also on holidays, so it’s not going so smoothly. I have The Fairytale Curse coming out in a couple of weeks—yay!—and I’m trying to organise some promo for that in my spare moments.

The girl on the TV wore a long white dress, as if she’d been on the way to her wedding when she decided to lie down in a glass coffin instead.

Also, the Compelling Beasts blog is celebrating Werewolf Week, and they interviewed me. Read the interview to find out why I don’t watch werewolf movies and how I came to write Moonborn, among other things. (I also dob in my big brothers for being mean to me when I was little!)

Moonborn cover reveal

Good news! Moonborn, the story of how Garth became a werewolf and what he did to get exiled from the pack, will be available next week. It’s a prequel to The Proving series, so Kate doesn’t appear, but a few familiar characters show up (although they’re all much younger!).

It’s a novella, so less than half the size of my novels, but packed full of excitement. Poor Garth gets put through the wringer, but torturing your characters is one of the great joys of being a writer, and I’ve really loved spending some extra time with Garth. He’s always such fun to write!

That’s him on the cover there, looking all young and handsome. He’s about fifteen years younger here than in the Twiceborn books.

The cover was done by my talented friend Shayne of Wicked Good Book Covers.

Moonborn small