Werewolves, fairies, and school holidays, oh my!

Just dropping in quickly to say hi! And also, thank God the school holidays are nearly over. I really must stop scheduling writing work for myself during the holidays. I always think I’m going to get lots done, and then get frustrated (not to mention behind schedule) when it all falls in the inevitable heap. I love my kids and I like spending time with them, but after two weeks I’m ready to get back into routine.

Lots to do! I’m revising Book 1 of a new series, and drafting Book 2 at the same time, but my muse is also on holidays, so it’s not going so smoothly. I have The Fairytale Curse coming out in a couple of weeks—yay!—and I’m trying to organise some promo for that in my spare moments.

The girl on the TV wore a long white dress, as if she’d been on the way to her wedding when she decided to lie down in a glass coffin instead.

Also, the Compelling Beasts blog is celebrating Werewolf Week, and they interviewed me. Read the interview to find out why I don’t watch werewolf movies and how I came to write Moonborn, among other things. (I also dob in my big brothers for being mean to me when I was little!)

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