Thirteen Realms: Thief of Souls series

Thirteen Realms: Thief of Souls series

Book 1: Assassin’s Blood

Most nights you’ll find me at the pub, playing guitar in a band with my fae friends and drinking beer. But tonight, I’m stalking an ice-cold fae assassin. I’m on a mission to avenge my murdered friend. I’m only half fae, but my lack of magic won’t stop me.

When I’m caught spying in the assassins’ stronghold, they give me a choice, according to their ancient custom: become one of them or die. As if that isn’t sucky enough, my new instructor, Ash, is the beautiful, cold-eyed killer I followed here. But the longer I’m with him, the more he intrigues me.

Now my acting skills are facing their greatest challenge: convincing my brooding instructor that I’m a happy little recruit, while working to bring down the assassins’ guild from the inside. That’s a hell of a job, but my survival depends on it.

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