Assassin’s Dagger is out!

Between the coronavirus and a death in the family, it’s been a bad year for writing, but I finally have a new book out! Assassin’s Dagger picks up Sage’s story after the life-changing events at the end of Assassin’s Blood and takes her in a new and unexpected direction.

The book has a beautiful cover in a new style. I had the covers for the whole series redesigned to better reflect the changing trends in urban fantasy cover design and the mood of the overall story.

Isn’t it gorgeous? Here’s the blurb for the book:

Most estranged fathers would send an email. Mine sends a zombie.

The infamous dagger known as the Thief of Souls is now mine. Its seductive power comes with a catch—the blade is determined to control me, and I’m losing the battle.

Ash wants to free me from its clutches. He’s an ice-cold fae assassin who bizarrely seems to care for me, but can I trust his motives? A little voice inside me is screaming yes, but I can’t even trust my own thoughts anymore.

So of course dear old Dad picks this moment to crawl out of whatever hole he’s been hiding in for the last five years. He’s a dangerous necromancer, and he wants the dagger, but maybe I can use him. Because he’s the key to what I want most in all the world—if I can bring myself to pay the price.

Assassin’s Blood also has a stunning new cover:

Both books are available now on Amazon: Assassin’s Blood and Assassin’s Dagger.

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