Creativity just for fun

Ever get that feeling that you have too many things you have to do? Too many responsible and grown-up tasks grinding you down? That feeling can be death to the creative urge.

That’s when you need to bust out and do something completely pointless, just for fun. I found just such a thing on Lynn Viehl’s blog recently: the instructions to make a cute little “journal” of eight tiny pages from a single sheet of A4 paper.

So for a couple of hours I gave the to-do list the flick and played with pen and watercolours instead, decorating some of my favourite quotes.


You can see how little it is.




This was the perfect-sized project for an underdeveloped attention span like mine – quick enough to finish before I got bored and chucked it in the pile with the fifty bajillion other unfinished projects I have.


And here’s a photo of the whole thing opened out again.




You could make copies of it this way if you wished. Pretty neat, huh? Or you could do the whole thing on the computer in the first place, and insert photos and/or text, as Lynn did in her example. Lots of possibilities for creative play!

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6 Responses to Creativity just for fun

  1. Susanne says:

    Just so cute! I love your pen work. x

  2. Catherine says:

    Love this idea Marina and all your great little quotes. Very inspiring 😉

  3. Marina says:

    Thanks, everyone!

  4. Kit says:

    This is great! Nice use of Zentangle doodles and quotes. I love making my own books and I especially like simple/clever ones like this.

    • Marina says:

      Thanks, Kit! Yes, simple is good — it removes the barriers to just getting in there and having some fun. If you give it a try, please leave me a link so I can check yours out!