Poncho power!

I know I’m the queen of the unfinished project, but sometimes I actually do finish things, but forget to tell you about them.

Case in point: This time last year I made Drama Duck a poncho. No particular reason, just that I’d seen one on the internet and it looked like fun. And ponchos did seem to be making a comeback, so … In a lightning-fast three weeks, I whipped one up, and she wore it with joy.

But of course, I have two daughters, don’t I – and making something for one and not the other instantly qualifies you for World’s Worst Mother. Sadly for Demon Duck, I have the attention span of a gnat, and once I’ve made something once I want to move on and try something different, not make the same thing all over again.

I did try. I bought the wool of her choice, but there was no more lightning-fast left in the tank. Back at my usual speed-of-molasses I got it probably three-quarters done before spring arrived and it was too hot for ponchos any more.

This year, feeling a little guilty, I got it out again. It only took a couple of hours to finish it off. Fortunately for me she hadn’t moved on from the whole poncho idea in the intervening year. She even requested a matching beanie, as you can see in the photo. (And I wonder if you can guess what her favourite colour is?)

The beanie was fun, and so quick! I can feel a rush of beanie-making coming on …

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2 Responses to Poncho power!

  1. Beautiful! Ponchos were also in when I was growing up. My grandmother made one for me that I LOVED.

    (I kept thinking, “Isn’t she hot in that wool and the hat?” which shows that I have forgotten you are having winter while we are sweltering! …)

    • Marina says:

      My mum made me one when I was about 10. It was orange/brown tartan, with a fringe. I wasn’t too keen on the fabric, but I LOVED the fringe!

      Hope you’re enjoying your summer! The weather here lately has actually been quite mild, at least during the day. The forecast today is 24 (Celsius, that is!), which is very spring-like.