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(I’ll just sneak one of these in here while Baby Duck isn’t watching.)

Australian marsupials for the win! The male antechinus kills himself with marathon mating sessions. “His fur falls off. He bleeds internally. His immune system fails to fight off incoming infections, and he becomes riddled with gangrene … He’s a complete mess, but he’s still after sex.” Hey, I think I married one of these.

Despite being scared of heights, the tree dwellings of Lothlorien caught my imagination as a child more than any other location in The Lord of the Rings. Here’s an architect’s idea for making similar dwellings.
Tom Simon discusses economics in fantasy, or the lack thereof. Something to think about for fantasy writers.
Elle Casey talks about how she writes so fast (18 novels in 15 months — makes NaNoWriMo look like a doddle!).
Kristine Kathryn Rusch is very interesting on the difference between “storytelling” and “writing”, and how good storytelling trumps beautiful writing every time. “If you finish a story or a novel, and everyone tells you how lovely the writing is, then you’ve probably screwed up. If they demand the next book, you’re doing a very good job indeed.”
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