WIP Wednesday

We’ve been dining in a cave for the last month because of what I laughingly describe as my “design wall” – a sheet pinned over the curtain rail in the dining room. Since I do all my sewing at the dining table, this is the perfect place for it. Except for when we wish to use the dining room for its intended purpose, of course. Then it’s a really crap place for it, since it blocks the light and the view.

However, its very craptasticness has a motivational aspect. I’m so sick of staring at the damn thing every time I eat a meal that I’ve been working on it at what passes for light speed for me. Only five more rows to sew together and the top will be finished.

There are some great fabrics in there, and the design is a quick and easy “disappearing nine-patch”. Can’t wait for it to disappear off my curtain rail. When it’s finished it will take up residence over the back of one of my lounges to protect it from the sunlight.

I wish I could report some writing progress, but my mojo has ridden off into the sunset without me. I’ll make an effort to track that varmint down when we stagger into school holidays next week. This term has been a challenging one, so I’m looking forward to a break and the chance to regroup.

The ducklings are also keen for the holidays to arrive, though no doubt the cries of “I’m bored” won’t take long to appear. Part of the excitement is knowing Easter with its bucketloads of chocolate is just around the corner. I’m still in negotiations with the Easter bunny about that. With my changed attitude to sugar it seems wrong to purposely load my children up with so much of the stuff – almost as bad as offering them cigarettes. Not that I mean to deprive them completely, but I need to find a compromise that will make us all happy. Cue hollow laughter.

Ah, the joys of parenthood.

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2 Responses to WIP Wednesday

  1. I always like when you post your quilting projects!

  2. Marina says:

    I quite like it myself, since it means I’m actually making some progress!