What Marina needs

I found an idea on Jacqui Robbins’ blog that appeals to my sense of the ridiculous: Type your first name and the word “needs” into Google and see what Google thinks you need.

Marina needs:

1. a better slipway
— sounds vaguely obscene …
2. a facelift
— it’s not that bad … at the right angle … in a dim light
3. an iDockUSA
— this is what comes of having a name that means “boat parking lot”. Thanks, Mum.
4. a home of her own
— or at least a “space” of her own not invaded by kids
5. her rest
— AMEN!!
6. to replace fuel system
— that would be eating more chocolate, I assume
7. a clean-up
— I don’t know; I think I scrub up all right
8. gas
— the less said about this the better
9. a drink
— a cup of tea would be nice, thanks
10. a large hole excavated
— another suggestive one!

I’m jealous; Jacqui needed “werewolf points” so she could become a “Fire Werewolf”. I didn’t get anything that exotic.

What Marina really needs, of course, is to stop stuffing around on the internet and do some writing. But hey, it was fun.

So what do you need?

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