My secret weapon against chocolate cravings

Are you ready? I’m about to reveal my secret weapon against chocolate cravings. Please note, this is not for the fainthearted. Are you sure you want to know? I’m telling you, this is scary stuff.

Okay then. Here it is. When I have desperate chocolate cravings, I know it’s time to bring out the big guns. Nothing stops those cravings like this baby …

Dark chocolate!!

I promise you, one mouthful of this will turn you off chocolate for life (or in my case, at least for the rest of the day).

I hear rumours that some people actually like dark chocolate, and all I can say is: diversity is a good thing and the world is full of wonders and isn’t it lovely that we’re all different but – Good God! What is wrong with you?? This stuff tastes indescribably bad. It is an affront to the very name of chocolate.

Not that I’m picking on this particular chocolate bar. I’m sure it’s no more vile than any other dark chocolate. I knew when I bought it it was a long shot, but I was hoping my love for all things peppermint might overcome my dislike of dark chocolate. No such luck, alas. This abomination has been living in my fridge for over two weeks. In chocolate bar years that’s a lifetime, since the lifespan of most chocolate that enters this house can be measured in moments.

So why am I eating it if it tastes so bad? It’s all part of my fiendish plan to defeat the Demon Sugar. I’m finding chocolate the hardest thing to give up, so I’m trying to recondition my automatic response to it. Like Pavlov’s dog – you know, every time he served the dog dinner he rang a bell, till eventually the dog would salivate at the sound of the bell even if there was no dinner with it?

This should work the same way. If every time I crave chocolate I have this disgusting travesty of a chocolate bar, eventually I should skip straight to the part where I want to wash my mouth out just at the thought of eating chocolate. Right? Right??


I promise to stop obsessing about food soon. Next post I’ll tell you all about my adventures in the arctic wasteland otherwise known as Melbourne at the World Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention.

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3 Responses to My secret weapon against chocolate cravings

  1. hahaha I have tried that chocolate, got it free in some business conference bag, I hate it how they always put the gross stuff in those bags. You should tweet ur blog on twitter, people will love it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh God, i picked up one of these horrid bars at Coles the other week. I like Mint Dark chocolate (but that’s the only time i like dark choc- with mint), but this stuff is THE worst stuff i’ve ever tasted, i had to spit it out straight away!

  3. Marina says:

    Hi guys, thanks for dropping in! Yep, as chocolate it’s a failure but as aversion therapy it works a treat.

    Thanks for the compliment, socialbuzz. I haven’t dared to try twitter yet — I know how much time I already waste on the internet. I’m afraid if I started tweeting I’d never get anything done!