Harry and the Honey

Baby Duck and I were discussing a treat for him yesterday. The girls are doing something on the weekend without him, so a consolation prize seemed in order. He’s always asking to hire a DVD from the shop, and the DVD shop is right next to school so we walk past it all the time, but we don’t often say yes. The kid would be a complete zombie if we let him watch as much TV as he would like.

He was pleased with the idea and announced that he wanted to see “Harry and the Honey”. Now, it might not be obvious to everyone, but I speak fluent Baby Babble, so I knew he meant the Bee Movie. (If you haven’t seen it, the main character’s name is Barry, so he was reasonably close.) I agreed to get it for him and put it on my mental “to do” list for today some time.

This morning my darling husband offered to take the kids to school and preschool so I could get an earlier start on the day’s Nano wordcount. He’s thoughtful like that. I think I’ll keep him.

So here I am, typing away merrily, when the phone rings.

Confused husband: “Do you have any idea what this movie “Harry and the Honey” is? The guy at the DVD shop’s never heard of it.”

I could hardly stop laughing. Baby Duck had propped at the door to the shop and announced that “Mum said you have to get me a movie”. The kid has a mind like a steel trap when it comes to remembering promises. My poor husband. Luckily he doesn’t embarrass easily.

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2 Responses to Harry and the Honey

  1. Ellsea says:

    Oh, that’s funny. Putting the dads in charge is like sending lambs to the slaughter sometimes . . . the children *know* he doesn’t really know what he’s doing!!!

    How’s the wordcount going? I’m sitting Nano out this year . . .

  2. Marina says:

    Sounds like you’ve got way too much on your plate to fit Nano in too!

    I’ve passed 17,000 words, though I had a slack day today and only did just over 1000. I was busy doing things with the family, trying to have a life — though I realise “having a life” is an optional extra during Nano.

    Must do more words tomorrow. Bad Marina. No biscuit!