Calling his bluff

Demon Duck is only seven, but sometimes she seems much older. The other day her daddy was teasing her by suggesting that he should come to her netball break-up party.

“You can’t,” she says. “It’s only for the girls.”

“I could wear a skirt.”

She eyes him consideringly. “Yeah, that would be worth it.”

And where did she get that evil sense of humour? He only has himself to blame.

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One Response to Calling his bluff

  1. Hi Marina, thanks for stopping by my blog, I love the bookshelf blog, go there a lot but all this time I must have skipped over that link to the emotion dictionary, thanks for reminding me. We can commiserate together over the editing process, it’s tough, but these workshops have been brilliant, especially Emmatyvilles worksheets, they’ve been lifesavers.